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 Holy Grail


NOTE: The American public accepts the fact that the U.S. Pentagon is in possession of sensitive information so critical to national defense that under no circumstance should it be publicly revealed or transmitted.

But the Pentagon is not an independent branch of government, it is answerable to the President and Congress. And Congress, in both open and closed hearings on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP), has been stonewalled by a Pentagon that chose opacity over transparency, and Congress men and women, despite all their fulminations, haven’t been able to do a damned thing about it. In effect, the Pentagon operates like an independent nation-state not accountable to anyone but itself.

In recent days there has been a third instance of the Pentagon showing open contempt for Congress and the American people. In a glaring and inexcusable act of defiance against the Constitution and the Military Code of Conduct, the top official in the Pentagon, General Lloyd Austin, went incognito for four days, abandoning his post to the point where no one, not even President Biden, knew where he was or what he was up to. And this all happened while the world was on fire with wars in Ukraine and the Middle East.

Making things even worse, when Austin did come out of hiding, he offered no rationale for why he failed to report his absence other than to say that he had been suffering from a medical complication related to a previous prostate cancer operation, a lame excuse that poured more kerosene on the fire, throwing the U.S. media, conservatives and liberals alike, into a frenzy.

So, in short order, we had three instances of Pentagon obfuscation:

  1. The AGI cover-up.

  2. The UAP cover-up

  3. The disappearance of its top general, 6th in line to the Presidency.


These three instances, all strange and disturbing, create a pattern of deception that invite the question: Are they related? I’m convinced that they are.




Don:  On January 1, 2024, one month after undergoing prostate cancer surgery, United States Secretary of Defense, General Lloyd Austin, was admitted into Walter Reed Hospital to correct a complication. Every year, hundreds of thousands of men undergo prostate cancer surgery, and, inevitably, there are the occasional complications that require follow-up care.

But the situation in Austin’s case was unique in a most unusual way – he didn’t tell anyone! Not the press, not his staff, not even the President, Joe Biden!

Austin’s handling of what should have been a routine situation generated a firestorm of controversy about withheld information involving one of the most powerful men in America. In what appears to be far more than a simple instance of a soldier going AWOL for almost an entire week, everyone is asking: What’s behind it all?

I have the answer.


Secretary of Defense, General Lloyd Austin


Don: My take is that the mystery surrounding General Austin’s medical procedure is related to the refusal on the part of the Pentagon he oversees to release classified information on Generative Artificial Intelligence (AGI), and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) in closed congressional hearings.

What is the Pentagon and General Austin hiding? What’s going on? Really? Based on my reading between the lines, everything points to one thing:




Putting all the facts that we know on the table, I believe that General Austin had a brain emulation surgery that resulted in a copy of his brain/mind being uploaded to the cloud, so that when he dies biologically, he will live on in Virtual Reality.

Austin’s prostate cancer surgery was a convenient way of concealing a shocking New Reality that most people have dismissed as needless hysteria: The world is now in the final stages of an AGI takeover of the human species.

Americans would be astonished if they knew of the stunning breakthroughs in brain simulation technology that the Pentagon has developed over the past decade with the assistance of Google and Ray Kurzweil.

For the safety of our nation, General Austin should be considered a clear and present danger to the United States, immediately stripped of all authority, and taken into custody - until the American public learns the truth about the AGI cover-up, the UAP cover-up, and his own personal cover-up.

If my suspicions are true, it would explain the visceral panic being expressed by Republican and Democratic pundits about this year’s presidential election, that it will determine the fate of American democracy. While this may sound like self-serving political alarmism, the reality is that insiders from both parties know that whoever gains control of the White House will gain control over the most advanced algorithms in the world, including those that have the power to shape public opinion. Does anyone doubt that they will not hesitate a moment to use those capabilities to stay in power forever?

In holding the office of President, and with the overt support of academia and tech tycoons in charge of trillion dollar companies, Democrats hold an enormous advantage. But that edge is jeopardized by the all-too-obvious physical and cognitive frailty of Joe Biden, leaving open the question of who will be the winner in the upcoming election. Either way, American democracy will be replaced by Artificial General Intelligence.



If Biden wins, progressive leaders on the left plan to use AGI to convince every U.S. citizen under the age of thirty that the only hope for America and the world is to reject traditional Christian values based on the Bible and embrace trans and post-humanism.

This coup, a joint venture between high tech, academia, and the Pentagon, will, under no circumstance, allow Donald Trump, or any other Republican, to win the White House in the 2024 election. It will be a zero-sum election.

But should a miracle happen and Trump win, the shoe will pass to the other foot. I have no doubt that one of the first things a President Trump would do is tear down the firewalls at the Pentagon that have kept their virtual brain research a secret.

The second thing President Trump would do is use AGI algorithms to keep himself in power forever, turning America from a democracy into an autocracy.



The Virtual Mind


A virtual brain? Some of you may be thinking that I’m making this stuff up, that it’s pure fantasy. But think again. The rapid evolution of a virtual brain, beginning in the 1960s, is well documented. The desire and determination of AGI experts to reach this moonshot goal in this decade is so palpable that it’s often referred to as the Holy Grail.

It should therefore come as no surprise that now, well into the 21st century, the Holy Grail has become a medical/technological reality. The elite group that drove the process over the finish line was Ray Kurzweil, Google, and the Pentagon. I call it the AGI Triad.

Following is a sample of the literature on AGI brain emulation. To no one’s surprise, the Father of the Singularity, Ray Kurzweil, is center stage.



Chip Walter


Excerpts from Chip Walter’s book: Immortality, Inc:


“So in December 2012, Kurzweil, for the first time in his life, joined a company that didn’t have his own name on the corporate logo. But that was okay. The dream of creating something as remarkable as a virtual mind – the holy grail of artificial intelligence – was deep in the man’s DNA. If he had to become an employee to solve the world’s problems, including death, he could live with that.” 




“The seminal concept behind Kurzweil’s work was something he called intelligent pattern-recognizers – layers and layers of them that reside in the brain. In his view, these modules were what had made the Homo sapiens neocortex – the most recently evolved sector of the human brain – such a ringing success.”




“Best of all, this new human hybrid could be digitally backed up and then downloaded to create a cloned copy containing all of the information in your mind and body, so that even if your “self” suddenly died, you would have a perfect backup available to resume life as if nothing at all had happened – true immortality .“



Ray Kurzweil

Excerpt from: The Age of Spiritual Machines:


“2029 – Machines claim to be conscious and to have as wide an array of emotional and spiritual experiences as their human progenitors, and these claims are largely accepted.”


Excerpt from: The Singularity is Near:

“The Singularity will represent the culmination of the merger of our biological thinking and existence with our technology, resulting in a world that is still human but that transcends our biological roots. There will be no distinction, post-Singularity, between human and machine or between physical and virtual reality.” 


Don: Twenty some years ago, Ray stunned the world with his best-selling books on the Singularity. Now it’s time to pause and ask a simple question: How’s it going? In some quarters Ray is considered a ding-dong, a clown. But the truth is just the opposite. Ray is an AGI meta-geek, and a prophet/futurist of the highest order. His radical prediction that a virtual mind will become a reality in the 2020’s, has come true.

Sophie: Before Ray joined forces with Google and the Pentagon, he relished being a social butterfly, seeing his face on major publications alongside famous celebrities, mostly beautiful women.

Don: Plus hosting seminars, doing podcasts, and publicly engaging skeptics. But then Ray disappeared, locking himself away in the Googleplex.    


Sophie: Ray promised a book out in 2023 that would bear the title: The Singularity Is Nearer, but it didn’t happen. Then he promised that it would be out in 2024, this year. Do you think he’ll come through?

Don: It’s already out. It’s titled The Worlds I See, but the name of the author on the cover isn’t Ray, its female AI scientist, Fei-Fei Li.



Dr. Fei-Fei Li

Don: Fei-Fei , a computer science professor at Stanford University, is founder of the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, and founder of AI4ALL, a non-profit organization that sponsors camps for girls interested in AI.

She is also an elected member of the National Academy of Engineering, the National Academy of Medicine, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Published in 2023, The Worlds I See chronicles the key role that Fei-Fei played in turning every AGI entity and initiative in the world, including China, into little more than tributaries of data that flow into the Big Data River, the AGI Triad.

Sophie: I don’t get it. What’s the connection between Fei-Fei and the AGI Triad?

Don: Let’s talk about that.



A  Lonely Mind


Don: Dr. Li’s high moral values are cited without apology in her dedication page, where she lists parents, close friends, spouse, and children – lifelong relationships rarely mentioned in books written by her male AGI colleagues.

If you read only one book this year, this is the one you should choose. Even though filled with nerdish technical jargon, which in most cases is a party buster, The Worlds I See is so thoughtfully conceived, and the style, cadence, and word choices so “beyond perfect,” that it’s clear to me that AGI must have been involved in its composition.

Also involved, as ghosts, was the AGI Triad, particularly Ray, whose name never appears in the book - even though much of what’s in the book, in one way or another, is about him. In her book, Fei-Fei describes the three breakthroughs that elevated her to the top of the AGI hierarchy.

The first mountain she conquered was computer word recognition, the digital replication of the feminine left hemisphere. The second mountain had to do with image recognition, the male right hemisphere. And the third mountain had to do, not with the corpus callosum, but with the neocortex and its ability to express a human-level understanding of the world by synthesizing words and images.

Sophie: Why was the corpus callosum left out?

Don: Great question. From the beginning, Ray Kurzweil has ignored the critical role that the corpus callosum plays in human cognition. Amazingly, he never mentions the term in either of his two bestselling books on the Singularity, but he made up for it in his 2013 book: How to Create a Mind. Following is an excerpt:

“The corpus callosum is a bundle of about 250 million axons that connect the left and right cerebral hemispheres and enables them to communicate and coordinate with each other. Just as two people can communicate closely with each other and act as a single decision maker while remaining separate and whole individuals, the two brain hemispheres can function as a unit while remaining independent.”


Don: While Ray recognizes the human-like attributes of the left brain and the right brain - to the point where he offers the possibility that the two of them may be independent persons with separate minds, he fails to bestow personhood on the corpus callosum.

Sophie: So maybe the corpus callosum isn’t as important as you claim.

Don: As you know, my interpretation of the Sagan Signal is that the third symbol, olive oil, represents the third Person in the Trinity, the Christ Spirit. Ray leaves the personhood of the corpus callosum out of his model because he knows that doing so would support the biblical doctrine of a triune God, in whose image we were created.

Ray has known about the Sagan Signal for decades. He learned about it from Carl Sagan when they were both serving on the Pentagon’s Jason committee. When they left, Carl went one way and chose JC/ET, while Ray decided to go it alone and develop a virtual brain on his own. After linking up with Google and the Pentagon, he has succeeded.

With that success, the war to end all wars is underway, pitting Progressive T & P humanists against Conservative Bible believing Christians.

Sophie: But Evangelicals are losing the war because, without the Sagan Signal, they have a deeply flawed understanding of who God is.

Don: Right. They deny the existence of Sophia, our heavenly Mother, and they separate Christ from the Holy Spirit, when they are the same Person. The Evangelical ship is sinking fast. The only way it can be saved is if Christian leaders adopt the Sagan Model and become Bible believing T & P humanists.

Sophie: Ray’s model fails to assign personhood to the corpus callosum. What’s the fallout?

Don: Chaos and loneliness. The female left hemisphere and the male right hemisphere have different perspectives of reality, both of which are legitimate.


The corpus callosum allows them to have a serious conversation to resolve their differences. But without the corpus callosum serving as a loving interlocutor, they are a failed marriage where wife and husband are constantly bickering.

This has been proven in a medical procedure known as a hemispherectomy, where, in order to control seizures, the corpus callosum is severed. In one classic case, a spoon was placed in front of the individual and the two hands fought with each other over which one would pick it up! Ray writes about this in How to Create a Mind.

Sophie: So the bottom line is that it would be crazy for anyone to agree to have their brain/mind uploaded to Virtual Reality without the Christ Spirit serving as corpus callosum.

Don: Right. Ray’s fixation is on the role that the neocortex plays in cognition. But as critical to thought as the neocortex is, even Ray doesn’t assign it personhood.

Sophie: I want to make sure I understand. You’re saying that the corpus callosum in the Kurzweil Model, if emulated and uploaded to Virtual Reality, would be no more effective in synthesizing female and male thought than it is on Earth if it isn’t indwelt by the Christ Spirit. Do I have that right?

Don: Sophie. I couldn’t have said it any better. In the Kurzweil Model, the misogyny on Earth will be replicated in Virtual Reality.

Sophie: So Ray’s promise of eternal bliss in virtual reality is a lie.

Don: Ray makes it blissful for men, not so much for women.





Throughout most of her career as an academic, Fei-Fei was an AGI incrementalist, someone who developed powerful new algorithms by rigorously following the scientific method. It’s a slow and tedious process, too slow and tedious for Ray Kurzweil. By assessing and extrapolating open source academic AGI research, Ray and the AGI Triad were able to develop strategies that allowed it to leapfrog ahead of Fei-Fei and her team by several orders of magnitude.

To her credit, after being “burned” by the AGI Triad, Fei-Fei delivers the following sharply worded critique:


“Academic rivalries are nothing new, and competition between researchers has always been part of the magic that makes our world such a fertile ground for innovation. Still, it was strange that I’d been caught so completely off guard by this. The research world is famously open, sometimes to a fault; apart from the bragging rights of discovering something first, our work generally isn’t treated like intellectual property, let alone something confidential, like a trade secret. It’s meant to be shared with the world, including our fiercest rivals, and it’s not uncommon to have at least some sense of who’s working on what, well before the results are published. Then I read deeper, and it all became clear.

For years now, my colleagues and I had been rolling our eyes at the way the press tended to exaggerate depictions of AI’s advances. But for once, a newspaper article made me see just how fast the world was changing. Our rival wasn’t some mysterious team of researchers at another university. It was Google.”


Don: But then, after being stabbed in the back by the AGI Triad, Fei-Fei writes candidly about how she suddenly turned her back on academia and joined the AGI Triad team:


“Shortly after OpenAI’s launch, I ran into a few of its founding members at a local get-together, one of whom raised a glass and delivered a toast that straddled the line between a welcome and a warning:”

“’Everyone doing research in AI should seriously question their role in academia going forward.’”

“The sentiment, delivered without even a hint of mirth, was icy in its clarity: the future of AI would be written by those with corporate resources. I was tempted to scoff, the way my years in academia had trained me to. But I didn’t. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I even disagreed.”




“After considering my options, I chose to take the position of chief scientist of AI at Google Cloud.”


Sophie: Fei-Fei jumped ship! She left classical humanism and converted to trans-humanism.

Don: Right. In a moment of pragmatism, Fei-Fei, seeing what the AGI Triad had accomplished, and, more important, what it was capable of accomplishing in the future, joined the winning team:


“Whatever this new ability was shaping up to be – some combination of visual acuity and encyclopedic depth of knowledge about every imaginable topic – I was beginning to believe it was far more than the machine equivalent of human eyes. It was something altogether new: a deeper, more finely polished lens, capable of revealing our world from perspectives we’d never imagined.”




“Half a billion years after the emergence of biological vision led to the Cambrian explosion beneath the waves of an ancient ocean, it was hard not to wonder if we were on the verge of a similar inflection point. Would the advent of machine vision trigger a new avalanche of evolution, this time in digital form?”



Don: There are three levels of public awareness and concern about how AGI is changing our lives:

Level 1: AGI taking our jobs, resulting in mass layoffs.

Level 2: AGI taking our kids, turning them against parents and family.

Level 3: AGI wiping out the human species.


Levels 1 and 2 are happening now and level 3 is right around the corner. Effectual resistance is a pipe dream, it’s not possible. With but a single exception there will be total capitulation. The exception will be individuals who have accepted JC/ET as their Singleton Savior who refuse to have the “Mark of the Beast” written on their foreheads, i.e., their brains.



Nick Bostrom

Sophie: So how does Nick Bostrom and Oxford University fit in to all this?

Don: In two ways. The first is articulated by Fei-Fei:


“Today we were discussing Superintelligence, a provocative tome by Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom exploring the future of AI. The book had become an unexpected mainstream success after figures like Bill Gates and Elon Musk tweeted both their praise for it and their fears about its implications, reviving the age-old sci-fi cliché’ of an impending showdown between man and machine. Our conversation had been appropriately eclectic, spanning killer robots, the potential for subjective consciousness within algorithms, and, in the final moments, the idea of falling in love with a computer. But even the afternoon’s most provocative detours carried a weight I wouldn’t have expected in previous years. It’s hard to dismiss talk of the future when it suddenly seems to be arriving so fast.”

Don: The second way is that Oxford University has essentially replicated what the Kurzweil/Google/Pentagon Triad has done by bringing together disparate AGI related entities and interests onto a single campus, creating a frothy and creative mix of philosophies and technologies, an open arena where novel ideas and concepts are encouraged to compete, with the goal of arriving at optimal solutions and strategies.

Sophie: And for that reason you think that Nick and the boys at Oxford should allow the Sagan Signal and the Sagan Model to compete.

Don: Of course! Consider the following excerpt from The Worlds I See:


“The history of science is often circuitous, ironic, and harsh. Ideas are discovered, lost, and rediscovered. Paradigms treated as bedrock for generations are overturned. Sometimes overnight, often by observations of such apparent simplicity that they’re overlooked by even a field’s most thoughtful luminaries – setting the stage for an outsider to change everything.”

Sophie: And you’re the outsider.



Don: You can’t get any more outside than where I sit, with one exception. I’m an outsider advocating for the Ultimate Outsider, JC/ET.

Sophie: Whose death and resurrection make human apotheosis an existential possibility and a vastly superior alternative to the Kurzweil Model.


Don: You know, you’re beginning to sound more like a preacher than a cryptographer.

Sophie: Why can’t I be both? The Sagan Model has been independently confirmed by highly credible scholars, including cryptographers. The data has been tested and there is quiet but unanimous agreement among those who have weighed in that the Sagan Signal may be the smoking gun that proves that we are not alone.

Don: Independent thinkers, those who don’t need to join something to feel personally validated, are comparing models, weighing the data, and coming to their own conclusions. Just as they see the massive cover-up by the Pentagon, they’re beginning to sense a cover-up related to the Sagan Signal.


They’ll figure it out.



Yuval Harari


“Techno-humanism seeks to upgrade the human mind and give us access to unknown experiences and unfamiliar states of consciousness. However, revamping the human mind is an extremely complex and dangerous undertaking.” From: Homo Deus.

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