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In 1962, Carl Sagan, in his “Direct Contact” paper, introduced a theory of extraterrestrialism that had aliens on Earth, interacting in positive ways with humans in the Ancient Near East.

Unfortunately for Carl, he had an extraordinary theory, but no extraordinary evidence to back it up.

Now fast forward to 1975, the year I discovered an anomaly in the Old Testament that I couldn’t explain.

Unfortunately for me, I had extraordinary evidence, but no corresponding science-based theory to match.

To make scientific sense of my discovery, I needed Carl’s theory. For Carl to prove his theory, he needed my direct evidence.

Carl didn’t know who I was, but, like almost everyone else on the planet, I knew about him.

Carl, among his many other accomplishments, was a leading atheist and/skeptic, while I was just a small town evangelical minister. Like two ships passing in the night, the odds that Carl’s theory and my evidence would ever find each other were miniscule, at best.

Almost before the ink dried on Carl’s “Direct Contact” paper, it was set aside and forgotten, out of sight and out of mind, where it collected dust, until, with the help of a skilled and tenacious research librarian, I recovered it in 2013.

As I read “Direct Contact,” I realized that what I had in my hands was the “ironclad” evidence that Carl, then deceased, was looking for: replicable and testable data that independently confirms his ancient alien theory.

But was what I found an alien encrypted code, or was there a simpler explanation? This became my challenge and my mission. To find the truth I turned to the experts for help.

Today, after years of aggressive skeptical analysis and multiple investigations, I can state with a high level of confidence that the Sagan Signal is indeed an alien artifact. If Carl Sagan’s Direct Contact theory is the hand, the Sagan Signal is the glove that fits that hand.

Though Carl and I never met, I often have this fantasy of the two of us in a meeting, where he talks to me about his theory and I present to him my evidence, and then, together, we drive to Mountain View, California, to the home of the SETI Institute. Together, we march through the front door of the Carl Sagan Center for the Study of Life in the Universe and present Carl’s theory and my evidence to scientists whose mission in life is to find an answer to the question: Are we alone? Carl politely but firmly asks for an exhaustive and fully transparent investigation to determine if the Sagan Signal confirms his Direct Contact theory.

With Carl’s name on the building, how could SETI possibly say “No?”

Coming back to the present reality, once Phase 2 of my current experiment is completed, and assuming that no analogues are found, I’ll begin preparing a final dossier of Carl’s theory and my evidence to present to the SETI Institute, with a formal request for a fair and transparent investigation. Though Carl won’t be with me in the flesh, I know that he’ll be with me in spirit. I’m confident that SETI, dependent in so many ways on Carl’s visionary leadership and financial generosity, will respond accordingly and agree to my request.

Does this mean that confirmation is a lock? Of course not! Despite the success I’ve enjoyed with previous studies, SETI scientists, and the experts they call in to help with their investigation, will do everything in their power to explain away the evidence and debunk my claim. That will be their mandate, and Carl would not have it any other way.

Is the Sagan Signal a WOW! Signal on steroids, or just another dead end? Personally, I give it a slightly better than 50/50 chance of surviving, more than enough incentive for SETI, whose mantra is to leave no promising stone unturned, to proceed with testing.

Between now and when I send SETI the dossier, I’ll be posting evidence and arguments that support Sagan’s ancient alien theory and my alien Bible code claim on the SETI tab to your left. This is corroborative material that will be part of the body of evidence that will be forwarded to the SETI Institute.


Don Zygutis


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