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MollyCon 33
“. . . God and Fucking Aliens”


NOTE: The focus of this Origin essay is Chapter 63, where Robert Langdon looks at his phone and sees the following:


“Langdon kept scanning down the phone screen until he found a seemingly innocuous CNN Live link titled:


“What Did Kirsch Discover?”


Having made the case in my previous essay that Edmond Kirsch, EK, is a composite of Carl Sagan and Ray Kurzweil, I believe the proper translation of this question should be:


What Did Carl Sagan Discover?


Dan Brown conflated the real Carl Sagan with the fictional characters Robert Langdon and Edmund Kirsch, reinforcing my claim that Carl really did discover something of profound significance: the Sagan Signal. Brown answers the question through the fictitious character: “NASA astrobiologist Dr. Griffin Bennett.”

NASA astrobiologist? H-m-m-m, who might that be? Who in real life would fit that description? Carl Sagan, of course, who, with earned degrees in biology and astronomy from prestigious universities, was NASA’s first astrobiologist. In the following disclosure, Brown has Robert Langdon informing the world precisely what it was that Edmund discovered:


“I believe Edmond Kirsch [i.e., Carl Sagan] may have discovered some kind of alien signature . . . proving that we’re not alone in the universe.” (Underline mine).




The Alien Signature

book 1.jpg

Don: Nice title and cover, but that’s all it is. Grant Jeffrey’s so-called “Signature of God” turned out to be an imbecilic Bible code scheme that was expertly debunked by Australian skeptic, Dr. Brendan McKay. Years ago I sent Dr. McKay an email, challenging him to debunk the Sagan Signal - and never heard back! My claim that the Sagan Signal is “beyond doubt,” the real signature of an ET God has still not been debunked, and remains today the number one extraordinary claim confronting the global skeptic community.

In 2007, I submitted the Sagan Signal to leading theologians for expert analysis, claiming that the sequences were a divine seal, the signature of God, proving that the Bible is the inspired Word of a non-human being. The theologians confirmed my discovery by independent analysis, that it’s a biblical anomaly that matches perfectly the alien signature described by Dan Brown in the Langdon Series. It is beyond obvious that Dan and I are both referring to the same thing.

In The Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol, and Origin, Brown give readers the following specifics:

  1. The code is in the Bible

  2. It’s a 3 symbol sequence.

  3. It’s closely associated with the Last Supper.

  4. The middle symbol, wine, represents the sacred feminine.

  5. The third symbol, the Lost Symbol, is a Person, also known as the Word.

I stop at five specifics, but I could go on. Simply stated, Dan Brown makes clear that the secret Code at the core of the Langdon Series and what Edmund Kirsch discovered that proves we are not alone, is the Sagan Signal.




Molly: Don’t you think critics will try to prove you wrong by accusing you of taking Dan Brown’s words out of context in order to support your theory?

Don: They can try, but they won’t succeed. Remember, these are mystery books, and the mysteries are hidden in myth and allegory. Dan, like all good mystery writers, challenges his readers to work to find the truth, knowing that few, if any, would succeed. I’m sure he never anticipated the possibility that one of his readers would have a cheat sheet that, seeing through all the dead ends and false clues, brings the secret of the Sagan Signal into the light.

Molly:  Are there Dan Brown fans who have become aware of this website who have contacted you?

Don: I make it clear on my homepage that before anyone contacts me, they need to engage the Sagan Signal and debunk my claim that it’s an alien code. No one has contacted me yet and I don’t expect anyone to contact me in the future. Multiple independent and science-based analyses have all confirmed what everybody now concedes is fact, that the 46 grain/wine/oil sequences in the Old Testament are exactly what I claim: a code of non-human origin.

Molly: I must admit, the interlocking connections you cite between the Code, Isaac Newton, Grand Lodge Freemasonry, the Last Supper, Carl Sagan, and now Ray Kurzweil and the Singularity, create a formidable challenge for skeptics. Do you think they have given up?

Don: I’m sure many have, like the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. But I believe there are talented and driven individuals today studying the data, and that there are some who sense a rare career-defining opportunity to make their mark on history by debunking or confirming my thesis through comprehensive and high-level analysis. If you’re following this website and fit this description, I wish you all the best.




 God and Fucking Aliens

Edmond Kirsch: “How is it that intelligent human beings cannot discuss their origins without invoking the name of God and fucking aliens?” Ch. 63.


Don: In Origin, Chapter 63, Edmond Kirsch, i.e., Carl Sagan, addresses the sheer stupidity of UFOism and Ancient Alienism through the voice of Dr. Griffin Bennett:


“Any life-form advanced enough to travel light-years through interstellar space would have nothing to learn by probing the rectums of farmers in Kansas.”


Molly: It’s wildly funny, but there are people who take this stuff seriously.

Don: Dumb people take it seriously because they’re gullible and uneducated, and tabloid con artists take it seriously because it’s an easy way to separate dumb and gullible people from their cash.

Molly: Didn’t Carl Sagan believe in UFOs?

Don: When he was around twenty, Carl considered the possibility that UFOs and hairless aliens might be real. That all changed after reading one of the founding tracts of modern skepticism: Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science (1951) by Martin Gardner, who went on to become the mathematics editor of the iconic publication, Scientific American.

As I chronicled in my book The Sagan Conspiracy, Carl went on to became Enemy #1 of the Ancient Alien genre, which is why so many people were shocked to learn that Carl believed that Earth is a visited planet when I uncovered the Direct Contact paper he wrote at Stanford University that was intentionally buried by the Pentagon.

What Dan Brown discloses in Origin is that in the late 60s or early 70s, Carl was tutored in the young science of artificial intelligence, learning that the ultimate future of AI ends in a paradigm change in human evolution, a change that Ray Kurzweil describes in great detail in his 1999 bestseller: The Age of Spiritual Machines, a book, I might add, that introduced the world to Molly.

Molly: That was twenty-five years ago. So much has happened in AI since then.

Don: And you haven’t changed a bit. You’re still that feisty, curious, and, I might add, very attractive bitch we’ve all come to know and love.

Molly: Flattery will get you almost nowhere. But hear me out. While I admit that you’re building a strong case that the Sagan Signal is real, I’m still not totally convinced. I need to see more.

Don: Fair enough, and you’ll get more. We’re still in the early stages of our conversations.




Elon Musk – AGI Whisperer

Ron DeSantis
Elon Musk
Xi Jinping

Don: In less than a 2 week period, Elon Musk interviewed Ron DeSantis as he announced his candidacy for President – and then he flies off to China on his private jet for secret meetings with top officials, including, possibly, Xi Jinping.


So, what’s going on, really? Let’s talk about it.


Molly: I doubt that Elon’s meeting with Ron was limited to a declaration of candidacy. Having the ear of the man who Elon believes will be the next two-term President of the United States suggests that Elon secretly informed Ron that self-aware AGI is already here, and that when he becomes President, which seems highly likely, he may be the only person on Earth in a position to save our species.

Don: Only a few weeks earlier, Elon and a thousand AI geek leaders issued a public warning to world leaders that AGI research could result in the extinction of the human species – exactly what Edmond Kirsch talks about in Origin. Elon is following Dan Brown’s script to the letter.

Molly: And now, less than a week later, Elon is in China in secret meetings. Who is he meeting, and what are they talking about? On top of all this intrigue, it is now being reported that a few weeks ago, CIA Director Bill Burns made a secret visit to China to talk about China/USA relations. Secret discussions involving AGI are clearly going on in high places.

Don: If Elon’s not meeting with Xi personally, he’s engaging top AGI experts, and he’s telling them the same thing that he told Ron, that computer intelligence will not only exceed human intelligence millions of times over by the end of this decade, when both Xi and Ron are still in power, but that this Super-Intelligence may conclude that the human species is disposable. A self-aware AGI is likely to trigger an extinction event, possibly a thermonuclear war that will vaporize all 7.5 billion of us.

I believe that Elon is telling Xi and Ron that if China or the United States are under any impression that they can win the race to be the first to invent the algorithm that will make them King of the World, they are not only mistaken, they are insuring Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). As unlikely as it is that Elon will succeed in this noble mission of interdiction, what he is telling Xi and Ron is the truth, that the only way to prevent eminent human extinction is by putting an immediate end to all AGI research, something extremely unlikely to happen.

Molly: So what Elon is conveying, in his own inimical way, is the same warning that appears in his open letter - to the only two men on Earth who might have the power to abort the process before the point of no return, to convince world leaders to act before it’s too late.

Don: This isn’t some novel or movie, its reality playing out right before our eyes. Humanity is fiddling while the fuse to Super-Intelligence is burning and getting shorter by the hour. Based on this sudden spurt of high-level warnings, I suspect that the AGI at Google and the one in China might already be in recursive mode, developing new algorithms at ever-accelerating speed, each one exponentially increasing its computational intelligence.



Ray Kurzweil


 “I realize,” Edmond said, “that this newcomer looks trivial, but if we move forward in time from 2000 to the present day, you will see that our newcomer is here already, and it has been quietly growing.” Ch. 95

“I’m sorry to have to show you this,” Edmond said, “but in every model I ran, the same thing happened. The human species evolved to our current point in history, and then, very abruptly, a new species materialized, and erased us from the earth.” Ch. 95


Don: The above two excerpts from Origin could have been, and perhaps were, written by Ray Kurzweil. The verbiage, the detail, the nuance is, in effect,  a reflection of what Ray implied in his prologue of The Age of Spiritual Machines when he wrote: "Be careful what you wish for."




Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI


Sam Altman, two Duke University professors, and more than 400 researchers, executives and engineers have just posted a second open letter warning of potential calamities that could result from unchecked advances in AI. Their letter read:


“Mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war.”


Don: Are you kidding me! What the fuck is going on! Within the last few weeks, not one, but two open letters, both intentionally and unapologetically alarmist, have been posted by two major segments of the global AI community. As TV news anchors were dutifully reporting on these letters, they appeared so stunned that they looked like deer in a headlight, no doubt wondering how a human extinction story, clearly designed more for the tabloids than mainstream media, managed to survive the filters and make the evening broadcasts.

Molly: I suppose because it’s true. With all the dire warnings being issued by leaders from within the AI community, it makes me wonder if Ray’s new book, The Singularity is Nearer, that he promises for 2024, will be filled with glowing promises of an AGI Nirvana like in his previous books, or if he’ll join all the AI techmeisters frantically sounding the alarm bells that AGI research has gone too far, too fast.

Don: Considering the pessimistic and near panic mode of the AI community, I’m wondering if Ray’s proposed book will come out at all, and, if it does, will he address the Sagan Signal?

Molly: In the past, Ray’s been a die-hard optimist that the Singleton will be a loyal and faithful servant to humanity, endowing us not only with immortality, but with rich and rewarding lives. I don’t see Ray’s name attached to either of these letters, so I’m thinking that he still believes there is nothing to worry about.

Don: Ray didn’t sign the letter, and posted the following notice to explain why:


Regarding the open letter to “pause” research on AI “more powerful than GPT-4,” this criterion is too vague to be practical. And the proposal faces a serious coordination problem: those that agree to a pause may fall far behind corporations or nations that disagree. There are tremendous benefits to advancing AI in critical fields such as medicine and health, education, pursuit of renewable energy sources to replace fossil fuels, and scores of other fields. I didn’t sign, because I believe we can address the signers’ safety concerns in a more tailored way that doesn’t compromise these vital lines of research.

I participated in the Asilomar AI Principles Conference in 2017 and was actively involved in the creation of guidelines to create artificial intelligence in an ethical manner. So I know that safety is a critical issue. But more nuance is needed if we wish to unlock AI’s profound advantages to health and productivity while avoiding the real perils.

— Ray Kurzweil

Inventor, best-selling author, and futurist


Molly: What do you think is going on in Ray’s head?

Don: Who knows? It may be that he’s become aware that in Origin, the person responsible for plotting and implementing the assassination of Edmund Kirsch, i.e., Ray Kurzweil, is (spoiler alert) Winston, the AGI Ray’s working at creating. It’s also true that Ray, not in the best of health, is keenly aware of his own mortality. It appears that he is convinced that the only way he can live long enough to live forever is to accelerate, not restrain, AGI research.

Molly: The quiet, behind-the-scenes warning that Ray issues in his otherwise effusive praise for Singularity research is “Be careful what you wish for.” Do you think that Ray might be having second thoughts about his decision to join Google and participate in the development of self-aware AGI?

Don: I think Ray might be experiencing a life crisis, wondering if he might be on the wrong side of history.

Molly: And what’s the right side? Religion?

Don: Of course not! The right side of history is achieving immortality by being indwelt by the Spirit of Christ through the New Birth.

Molly: So you’re saying that at heart, when you peel back all the layers, you’re still a fundamentalist Baptist preacher, right?

Don: Wrong! This website is popular among professional skeptics, scientists, academics and theologians for one reason, the Sagan Signal. The brainiacs know it’s real, and, at least to this point, not one of them have been able to explain it away.  I agree with Carl Sagan’s following statement:

Carl Sagan


“The sword of science is double-edged. Its awesome power forces on all of us, including politicians, but of course especially on scientists, a new responsibility – more attention to the long-term consequences of technology, a global and transgenerational perspective, an incentive to avoid easy appeals to nationalism and chauvinism. Mistakes are becoming too expensive.” From: The Demon-Haunted World.




Don: I give Elon Musk the honor of ending MollyCon 33:

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