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MollyCon 20

NOTE: What distinguishes the Sagan Signal from other Bible code schemes is that, after fifteen years of aggressive vetting by skeptics and academics, it has never been debunked. No one has even come close.

As the guy who discovered the Signal, I am not running away from critical analysis. Quite the opposite. I have reached out to skeptics and academics, begging them to KILL THE CODE if that is possible, even offering to work with them in a collaborative and respectful manner. I just want to know the truth.

So, nine months into this latest effort, how’s it going?

The truth? Not so well. From the day this website was launched on December 20, 2021, not a single skeptic has reached out to me and told me that they could falsify my claim. No one has asked questions, offered suggestions, or even told me to get lost because they think I’m off my rocker.

After fifteen years of engaging professional skeptics and academics, the Sagan Signal has been sliced and diced in every way imaginable in a desperate effort to account for its existence in a way that doesn’t require alien attribution – and nothing has worked.

Experts concede that the Sagan Signal is not the result of random coincidence, was not created by an algorithm, and that there is nothing analogous to it in all of human literature. This boils things down to a simple explanation hard for skeptics to swallow: that the Sagan Signal was encrypted into the Old Testament by aliens.

We now find ourselves in unchartered territory, where academics, usually fighting like hell to get their research published, are now fighting like hell to keep results of their testing of the Sagan Signal from being made public!

Having reached a stalemate, this will be the last of my Molly Conversations. I will be taking a break until December 20th, the 26th anniversary of Carl Sagan’s death, at which time I will be making a major announcement about my next move.

I thank all of you for your interest.



Don: Molly, while you may disagree, I no longer consider my discovery of an alien Bible code fringe science. Having survived multiple investigations by some of the best skeptics in the world, it’s now a mainstream issue. Until skeptics come up with an intellectually and scientifically viable alternative explanation for the sequences that can stick, my alien Bible code hypothesis, as extraordinary as it is, stands provisionally confirmed. Do you know what this means?

Molly: I think so. It means you have to keep challenging skeptics to engage the data and share their research. But every effort to get them to be open and honest, at least to this point, has failed, so what do we do next?

Don: I think we’ve done enough, at least for now. Even though they won’t admit it, debunking the Sagan Signal is now the number one priority within the global skeptic community. If they continue to fail, and they will, I’m hopeful that my claim and the supporting data will eventually find its way into the public arena, which is where I wanted it to be all along.

Molly: Making the masses aware of what’s going on is a great idea. How are you proposing to do that?

Don: I’ll let you and the rest of the world know in an announcement I plan to make on December 20th, the 26th anniversary of Carl Sagan’s death.





Molly: Okay Don, up to this point, we’ve survived the skeptic gauntlet. What else have we’ve accomplished?

Don: Well, advancing my claim of discovery of an alien Bible code is one side of the coin. The other side is the decryption of that code, which we have also done, to a degree.

Molly: I think I know what it is, but can you lay it out in a nutshell?

Don: Sure. Grain, wine and oil, in that sequence, are symbols of an alien nuclear family who exist in the Singularity.

Molly: Right. Grain is the Father, wine is the Mother, and oil is the Son. At some point in the past they arrived on Earth from their home planet – for what reason?

Don:  I’m not sure. Their goals may have changed over time. What I can say with a high level of confidence is that they are now offering personal immortality to anyone who, by faith, accepts the Son, JC, into their hearts as their personal Savior and Lord.

Molly: How long will this offer last?

Don: Great question, and no one knows the answer except the Son’s Parents. Even the Son doesn’t know. But now that humans are closing in on inventing their own Singleton, I suspect that the offer won’t be around for much longer. I think things may be coming to a head in this century.

Molly: Can you throw out a date?

Don: Hell no! I hate prophecy! I was burned too many times by all the Rapture crap flying around in the 60s and 70s. As far as I’m concerned, Hal Lindsey, author of The Late Great Planet Earth and a graduate of the seminary in Dallas, Texas, where I had originally planned to have my data analyzed, and Tim LaHaye, co-author of the Left Behind series, and a graduate of the seminary where my data was analyzed, can both take their stupid prophecies and stick them where the sun don’t shine.

Molly: What about Ray’s Rapture prediction?

Don: Ray’s a highly respected scientist, so I have to give him a little more respect, but I still think setting dates is a dumb idea.

Molly: And what happens to people who don’t accept Christ?

Don: Not positive about that, although one thing I know for certain: they won’t be spending eternity burning in some literal fiery Hell, a place that exists only in the warped minds of religious Fundamentalists. I think what may happen to them is that they lose their soul, their self-identity, and fall into some kind of amorphous existence.

Molly: What about those who have accepted Christ?

Don: Well, when they die, they’ll begin a new existence in the Singularity, a place where, according to the Bible and to Ray, life will be a blast. I plan on being there.

Molly: As we wrap things up, I still don’t understand why skeptics don’t just openly admit that they can’t debunk the Sagan Signal and join you in a call for further testing.

Don: I know, the suppression of my claim and evidence goes against everything science stands for. But this is not the first time something like this has happened. In fact, scientists ignoring scientific reality even has a name: The Semmelweis effect.

Molly: Never heard of it, tell me more.




Ignaz Semmelweis



In 1847, a young Hungarian, Ignaz Semmelweis, a doctor in a maternity ward in Vienna, Hungary, was appalled by the number of new mothers who were dying soon after their babies were delivered with the help of his fellow doctors, who, after performing autopsies on the women who died, went straight back to the operating room to help other women give birth.

Ignaz was determined to identify the cause and find a solution.

After one of his friends cut himself with a scalpel during an autopsy and suffered the same fever and miserable death, Ignaz deduced that the passing of invisible germs from doctors with dirty hands to the mothers might be the cause of the problem. Doctors at that time were routinely doing autopsies, and then, without washing their hands, assisting women in giving birth.

In a major breakthrough, years before germ theory became a reality, Ignaz discovered that a strict regime of thorough handwashing with a chlorine solution dramatically lowered deaths rates from 18% to 1 %.  

Tragically, his breakthrough research was rejected by his professional colleagues, who considered him a quack. Mothers continued to die unnecessarily. 

Why did Ignaz’s peers reject his hypothesis? Because his handwashing theory went against the dogma of the time. Doctor’s then believed that it was ‘bad airs’ that spread disease and not germs from human contact. Hand washing made no sense to them. Additionally, doctors, more often than not, were middle to upper class men who considered themselves extremely hygienic and immune from contamination.

This is the Semmelweis Effect. 

Unfortunately, Ignaz did not back up his ideas with studies or research. Had he done so, he may have convinced at least some doctors to scrub their hands before and after conducting their procedures. It wasn’t until the germ theory of disease was discovered that the medical profession began imposing strict hand washing regimens into their hospitals.

Ignaz’s failure to convince doctors that their hands were dirty and needed to be washed led him to have a mental breakdown. Tragically, Ignaz lost his job and died at the young age of 47. 

Molly: Does this mean that you’re going to end up in the nuthouse?

Don: I hope not! Actually, my response to all the secrecy and suppression surrounding the Sagan Signal is mostly positive, a testimony that my discovery is real and important. I even have a certain amount of empathy for individuals who have examined the Sagan Signal, know it’s a code, and have chosen to keep silent. I’m not sure that if I were in their shoes that I would respond any differently. If you’re on the wrong side of history, paradigm shifts like this can be a tough thing to swallow.

The Semmelweis Effect is real. Whether out of hubris, ignorance, professional jealousy, career insecurity or religious dogmaticism, scientists of all sorts still get trapped in old ways of thinking that blind them to new ways of thinking. The reality is that today there are plenty of dirty hands that could use a good scrubbing. Unfortunately, through no fault of their own, there are innocent people who are suffering the consequences.

On a more positive note, I’ve only just begun pleading my case. There’s a long, long way to go before I’m finished. I’m optimistic that somewhere along the way the truth will come out and everyone will know that the Sagan Signal is a Bible code related to the Last Supper that holds the secret of personal immortality.



Molly: With regard to the suppression of the Sagan Signal, who has the dirtiest hands?

Don: Two men stand out. The first is Dr. Gerry Breshears, Dean of Theology at Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon. Gerry, as the lead investigator of the Sagan Signal in 2007, still refuses to release the research that went into it, even knowing that to do so would likely advance human knowledge.

Gerry Breshears

The second is Barry Karr, Executive Director of the Center for Skeptical Inquiry, the investigative arm of the Center for Inquiry. Barry, as the head of a one year-long investigation of the Sagan Signal, still refuses to make public the research his organization invested into that effort, a record that could conceivably save lives.

Barry Karr

The only reason Gerry and Barry are withholding research related to the Sagan Signal and not releasing it to the public is because it confirms my claim that it is an alien encrypted Bible code. These two men have evidently made the calculation that if they were to release details of their respective investigations, it would force the organizations they represent to defend a confirmed truth claim that by its very nature could threaten the existence of the organizations they represent.

Think about it! Right now, in two sets of document files, there are results from two high-level cryptanalyses that independently corroborate my claim – and the two men in charge of those files, one a leading evangelical Christian theologian and the other a leading atheist skeptic, both professing to hold to the highest standards of transparency, are refusing to turn over documents that confirm what may be one of the great discoveries of our time. Let me emphasize that I’m not talking about bad people, I’m talking about good people making bad decisions.

With that I rest my case. I invite Gerry and Barry to respond.




Committee for Skeptical Inquiry

In a recent fundraising mailer, Barry admitted that CSI, the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, is in serious financial trouble. He wrote:

“We are a small organization trying to stem the tides of irrationalism as it floods over us. We need your help to make sure the reality-based community isn’t drowned out by that flood.”

Why is his organization losing support? I suggest that it’s because the Center for Skeptical Inquiry has failed to live up to the professional and ethical standards set by its founder, Carl Sagan, and that the gross negligence it displayed, and is still displaying, in its botched investigation of the Sagan Signal, may be one reason why its donors are fleeing to the exits.

An organization that bills itself as a “Candle in the dark” and then dims the light of that candle by refusing to release internal research that confirms an extraordinary claim that its investigators had been trying like hell to debunk, doesn’t deserve the support of honest truth-seekers.

How bad is it? In his letter, Barry equates “other worldly visitations” to “dangerous conspiracy theories, cult-like delusions, and outright lies,” all while knowing that Carl Sagan held to a firm belief in ancient alien visitations, and all while knowing that the organization he runs tested the Sagan Signal for a full year and failed to debunk it. That Barry refuses to release details, or to even acknowledge that an investigation took place, may explain why people of honor are withholding their support.

After leaving the ministry and becoming a born-again atheist/skeptic, I looked to the CSI as a “candle in the dark.” When I submitted my alien Bible code claim to Barry and it was accepted for investigation, I was absolutely thrilled! I was sure that if my claim could be debunked, CSI would do it. If it did, I could finally relax and get on with my life. Getting debunked would not have been the end of the world, it would have been a huge relief.

After the debacle I went through at Western Seminary, with all its secrecy and lack of transparency, I took comfort knowing that The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry would be the polar opposite, a breath of fresh air.

How wrong I was! Imagine my shock when Barry and his CSI colleagues, after a year-long investigation in which they conceded in writing that the Sagan Signal is a code, refused to release their research!

What can Barry do to make things right? I suggest that, in addition to releasing the research, he make the theme of his upcoming CSI conference in Las Vegas: "KILL THE CODE!” My contribution would be a promise to do everything possible to assist skeptics in accomplishing that goal.

So, Barry, forget about debunking stupid claims advanced by stupid people that no one cares about. The biggest challenge facing skeptics today is the Sagan Signal. Nothing else comes close. Indeed, nothing else matters. You know better than most that withholding direct evidence relevant to an ongoing investigation is not only anti-scientific, it’s criminal.

Barry, if you can bring the world’s leading skeptics together in a united effort to debunk my claim, and you succeed, your reputation will be healed, CSI’s credibility restored, and my mind and heart set at ease. While I expect nothing at all from Gerry Breshears, I expect nothing less from you.

Think about it, Barry:




With this essay, Phase 1 of the Molly Conversations is finished. Though my goal of generating more high level and fully transparent investigations of the Sagan Signal has not been realized, neither has any skeptic been able to debunk my claim – so, in the interest of comity, let’s call it a draw.

Molly and I are now going to pause our conversations as I prepare for the next phase, which I plan on announcing on 12/20/22, the 26th anniversary of Carl Sagan’s death. I’m confident that what will be introduced at that time will generate the kind of exhaustive and fully transparent investigations of the data that will indisputably confirm my claimed discovery of an alien Bible code.

I suspect that some of you who have been following this site with a deeper level of interest may know what is coming.

Wait for it!



This site will remain up during my hiatus, so, until then, let me leave you with the question I posed at the beginning:




Carl Sagan said “Yes!” Having looked at new evidence, what do you think?

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