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Donald L. Zygutis
*B.S., Theology and Education
*Graduate studies: Western Seminary

A word from Don:

Time for a recap: After fifteen years of public vetting, the code that I claim to have discovered in the Old Testament has been extensively tested, analyzed, and provisionally confirmed by mathematic, cryptographic, and linguistic analysis. At this present time, there is not a skeptic or skeptic organization in the world publicly advancing an alternative explanation for the data that they are prepared to defend in the public arena.

While one might think that such an unbroken string of successes would be openly acknowledged by skeptics and academics as a historic breakthrough, prompting news bulletins, press conferences and postings on the web and through social media, that hasn’t happened, not because of suppression, but because the Sagan Signal is not yet ready for prime time. More work needs to be done.

It was Carl Sagan who stated that “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” As I press my case and make my arguments, the reality is that the high bar Carl set has yet to be achieved. Even though skeptics have failed to falsify my claimed discovery of an alien Bible code, their continued incredulity, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that supports my hypothesis, is entirely warranted.

So, what more do I need to do to win them over?

First, if the Sagan Signal is real, cryptographers insist that it contain informational content, perhaps even a Message that is substantive and coherent. If it doesn’t, then what I am calling an alien code can reasonably be dismissed as nothing more than a statistical outlier, one of those freaky things that regularly occur in nature and in life that requires no other explanation then that it defies probability.

Second, I need on-the-record testimony from credible sources that supports my extraordinary claim.

My plan is to address both of these needs on December 21st, 2021, the 25th anniversary of Carl Sagan’s death. At that time I’ll post extraordinary new evidence that conclusively confirms my claim that advanced aliens have been to Earth and left an encrypted Message in the Bible that reveals the secrets of non-religious immortality. It will be a New Atheism. It will be Carl Sagan’s Atheism.

So while this website may appear to have gone dormant, be assured that, behind the scenes, plans are being drawn and preparations being made for 12/21/21.

My thanks to all of you for your continued interest.


Don Zygutis


“I suspect that immortality might be quite common among extraterrestrials.”

“I would therefore expect the immortals to spread actively the secrets of their immortality among young, technically developing civilizations – and thus to change the lives of beings such as ourselves.”

The words of SETI co-founder Frank Drake in his book: Is Anyone Out There?


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