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What prompted the need for this website, as most of you are aware, has been the unwillingness of scholars and scientists who have tested the Sagan Signal to release their research to the public. To counter this on-going censorship and suppression, I am pleased to announce that the data is currently being subjected to an independent paleo-cryptographic investigation and analysis by credible experts whom I’m confident will determine if the Sagan Signal is, or is not, a real code of non-human origin.

I am not at liberty to announce who is conducting the study or when it might be completed, and, unfortunately, to make it work I need to block the content on this site.

I want to extend my sincere thanks to everyone who has visited this site over the past few years for your amazing interest, support, and encouragement. After suffering through years of a near total absence of transparency, I now have real hope that the truth, whatever it turns out to be, will soon be known. When that happens, you’ll hear about it. I promise.




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